The management team and employees are every company 's most important market. If these individuals are not aligned to the message and focus of the company, marketing dollars will be stymied, even wasted. You can't create clear market perception if your staff isn't clear about where the company is headed, and in fact, who the company is.

The Medialink Group's "Inside-Out" Internal Communications Program is a powerful corporate program conducted by MLG founder Frank Cioffi and his team of marketing experts and executive coaches.

The program begins with a process of internal discovery and realignment, and results in a revamped internal communications framework that engages every employee. This arises from a clear sense of the company's image, and each employee's sense of place within the company. With everyone communicating effectively, problems can be solved more quickly, results achieved more fully, and all corporate resources optimized.

With this alignment in place, there's also a heightened focus and commitment from each employee that makes it far easier for them to sell a company and its products. In essence, every employee becomes a personal marketing representative of the company.

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