An executive coach is a consultant who works with businesspeople to help them realize their potential. Coaching usually takes the form of ongoing weekly telephone sessions, with occasional in-person meetings as needed. The goal is increased performance, greater success, and fulfillment.

Executive coaching is similar to sports coaching, where the coach supports the client to recognize his or her unique talents and strengths, then apply them in a practical manner. In essence, the coach is an ally dedicated to the success of the client.

Frank Cioffi combines over twenty-five years of corporate marketing and communications experience with a concurrent twenty year background in human development, personal growth and coaching. The result is a unique blend where success coaching is grounded in practical marketing expertise and mentoring.

The Marketing Coach program offers growing companies access to senior marketing expertise and guidance that normally might be beyond their reach. By using a timeshare-like approach offering "just enough" to get the job done, Frank Cioffi provides a cost-efficient process to help your marketing team excel.

Cioffi collaborates with his marketing coach clients on two fronts:

  • Support to transcend internal limitations and attitudes, resulting in increased motivation, expanded goal-setting and alignment with company objectives.

  • Guidance and practical marketing advice on the company's planning and implementation, resulting in a focused, highly efficient marketing program.

This program can be customized to your company's needs: to coach each member of your marketing team, specific individuals only, or to employ a team coaching approach.