After we've impressed you with our pre-account presentation, we won't hand you over to junior level personnel. Our principal is directly and actively involved in every account. You'll also find that each person on your account team is a seasoned professional with years of relevant experience.

Our senior-level staffing also results in a professional demeanor that is essential to PR representation. We realize that every word we speak, write or imply reflects directly on our client's image, and we take that responsibility seriously. (top)


The large PR agency promises keen strategic planning and superior execution, resulting in marketing communications that influences on a national scale. The small public relations shop offers the ability to move swiftly with personal client involvement. At The Medialink Group, we've married the two.

We conduct the core PR services you expect from a large agency, but with the personal service and attention of a consultant. In a business environment where personal service is becoming increasingly rare, this level of attention is not a marketing approach. We believe it is a key factor in the consistent performance we generate for our clients. (top)


Founded by a journalist, the Medialink Group's core competency is media relations, the single most important PR skill companies expect of their agency.

Because we approach PR through a reporter's eyes, we excel at uncovering every available media opportunity, as well as creating new opportunities on an ongoing basis.

The full story of a company is rarely told in the pages of a press release. We can bridge the gap of communication between businesses and journalists; this results in the high-profile national exposure that companies crave. (top)


MLG believes that if a company's business plan is sound, its marketing message should be clear. Nothing about the company needs to be changed, hyped or obfuscated to get that message across. We strive to help companies find their authentic marketing essence and amplify it to achieve sales and marketing goals.

This long term approach creates a sustainable image of directness and integrity that fosters beneficial relationships with customers, press, analysts and investors. It also helps a company successfully weather bad news or slow revenue periods.

MLG's authentic marketing approaches often involve internal communications programs -- so everyone within the company is aligned with the company's positioning and its direction.(top)


Whether yours is a startup company or a longtime player in an established industry, the business world is moving faster every day. Companies do not have the luxury of making themselves known slowly. They need "breakout" communication.

MLG describes breakout communication as visibility that expands a company's image beyond the borders of its own industry. Like concentric circles of influence, our coverage starts at the core and moves outward rapidly. This results in a perception shift that creates immediate marketing benefits.

We accomplish this regularly for our clients with first-year visibility one would normally expect from a campaign with years of momentum. (top)