Benefits After completing this program - conducted for one company at a time with your designated in-house communications staff - your company will:

  • increase its publicity exposures substantially,
  • raise the quality of media exposures secured,
  • develop a plan for long-term PR self-sufficiency.

Our Approach Guided by Medialink Group (MLG) President Frank Cioffi and other MLG staff, this program imparts the media knowledge, the methods and techniques used by professional PR agencies, while we jointly develop your custom PR plan. The result: your company will have a highly effective publicity-generating PR department.

Train-As-You-Go This MLG program offers templates, guidelines, suggestions, and extensive action items for your team and also provides considerable one-to-one training and "over the shoulder" coaching, while your in-house staff executes the suggested deliverables and conducts the actual PR program. This train-as-you-go approach is the key to the program's success.

The program generally encompasses three phases: in-house development, in-progress consulting guidance, and a final handoff. The time frame of each phase can be adjusted based on the existing skills of your in-house staff.

1. In-house Development Phase happens mainly in person at your company's headquarters. It involves three to four meetings and training sessions which include:

GETTING THE RIGHT CONTACTS: Specific listings of every media contact who might do a story involving your company, how to approach them most effectively, how to talk their language, and how to maintain relationships with them.
PACKAGING YOUR COMPANY: An extensive "media review" formulated to allow effective packaging of your company's story for each journalist targeted. This includes development of critical media documents that go beyond the press release.
DEVELOPING A PLAN: The mapping of a long term (two-year) public relations plan in concert with your company's overall marketing goals. We help you build the plan, assign overall goals, and create a schedule of activities to implement.
GETTING THE INSIDE TRACK: Extensive insight on the inside workings of the media. As we are former journalists we have an insider's perspective.
STARTING THE CAMPAIGN: With our close supervision, media contact begins. Media relationships are built and press materials written. This phase offers your personnel direct experience putting the program's information to work.

2. Consulting Guidance Phase is mainly via phone, with some meetings in-person. It includes:

CONTINUED GUIDANCE & SUPPORT: Your company will have phone access to MLG for two months after the in-house development phase is complete. This provides continued guidance to your staff for the ongoing implementation of your publicity plan.
WE LISTEN WHILE YOU PITCH: Allows selective opportunities for MLG to listen to your staff while they lobby the news media, then coach them on effective technique.
EDITING OF PRESS MATERIALS: We will work with your team to sharpen media documents, press releases and other materials.
FINE-TUNING: As your program progresses we will work with your staff to fine-tune and update it as needed, and to integrate it effectively with other marketing efforts.

3. Final Handoff is a half-day meeting at your company that offers final suggestions and modifications to the long-term plan. Once complete, your company will be well prepared to execute your PR plan with a high degree of confidence.